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RV service that is convenient and hassle-free.  Know where your RV is and who is working on it.  We come to you in well-stocked, professional vans.  We have technicians that take pride in their work, service specialists that will communicate and coordinate with you throughout the process, and dedicated parts and warranty specialists to back them up.  Our focus is on integrity, old-fashioned work ethic, and customer satisfaction.



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Repair Services

We service everything on your RV except the drive train and generator.

Air conditioners & Refrigerators

It is impossible to enjoy your RV in the Texas summer without your air-conditioner & refrigerator.  It’s important to have them checked well in advance of your first planned trip.

Water Heaters & Furnaces

There is nothing worse than finding out your furnace doesn’t work when it’s 40 degrees outside.  We keep your furnace & water heater going strong.

Roofs & Leaks

Your RV’s roof should be inspected annually and will probably need maintenance every 3 – 4 years.  Plumbing leaks can be a real surprise if you don’t have your RV properly winterized.

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Our Pricing

Mobile Service Call Fee

Service calls start at $75 and go up based on distance from our office.  Your service call fee will be charged the business day prior to your appointment.  We will come back to you until the job is complete with no additional service call fee.

Appointments must be confirmed & Service Call Fees collected the business day prior to your appointment.  Service Call Fee does not include any labor or diagnosis time.

$75 & up /call

Labor Rate

We charge per man hour in 15 minute increments for the time our technician is at your location.

There is no labor or diagnosis time included in the Service Call Fee.  Labor is billed according to the time our technician is at your location.

A Workshop For Repairs When Necessary

Some jobs need to be done in a shop.  If you need a new rubber roof or other major repair, we’ve got you covered.

We moved to our current location in December of 2014.

Insurance & Extended Warranty Specialists

Insurance Estimates & Repairs

After you’ve had an accident, notify your insurance company, then call RV Specialists and we’ll handle the rest.  We provide an estimate for your insurance company and make sure you’re getting the repairs you need.

Extended Warranty Services

Our knowledgable Service Writers are available to work with your Extended Warranty Packages.  We will coordinate repairs & payment with your warranty service according to your coverage.

Our Pricing

Insurance Estimate Fee

We provide estimates starting at $75 and going up based on distance from our office.  You will not be charged a service call fee should you decide to have your repairs done with us. Our insurance specialist will provide an estimate and coordinate with your insurance company as needed.

Appointments must be confirmed & Estimate Fees collected at the time of your appointment.

$75 & up /call

Special Discounted Pricing

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Our technician will go through the “house” systems and our service writer will provide you with an estimate to complete any necessary repairs within 2 business days.

We do not provide State Inspections.  You must take your RV to a Texas State Inspection location.

$299 & up /call


Includes blowing out water lines, draining the water heater, anti-freeze in drain lines.  Price increases for RV’s with ice-makers & washing machines.

Prices vary on distance and number of major water bearing appliances.

$200 & up /call


Includes purging water system and restoring fluid levels.  Price increases for RV’s with ice-makers & washing machines.

Prices vary on distance and number of major water bearing appliances.

$150 & up /call

Bearing Pack & Brake Check

Includes packing bearings.  Price increases if brakes need repair.

Prices vary on distance, number of axles, and issues with brakes, brake pads, wheels, tires and axles.

$250 & up /call

Exemplary Service

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